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A very interesting marketing system to be able to create millionaires in collaboration with Nexus.

Supported by a large group of companies from Malaysia, MH Master Herbal Sdn Bhd by having 26 companies in it, thus making Nexus has enormous financial power to make breakthroughs in development.

Nexus presence in Indonesia certainly can provide the widest opportunity for the Indonesian people to be able to improve a better quality of life through quality products and maximum income according to the performance of each individual.

PT Nexus Master Nusantara is planning to expand into several neighboring countries in the next 3 years.

VISION: To be one of the most prominent companies in the network marketing industry and make valuable contributions to society and the world.

MISSION: To contribute to every human being a higher quality of life through improved character, health and welfare in harmony with nature

MOTTO: Create the value of life (Create the Value of life)

PHILOSOPHY: With good character we achieve success (With a good character we get the successfull)


Meet Our

Master Nexus Directors

Dato' Liu Han Ming Director of
Master Nexus Sdn Bhd

Thomas Deputy Chairman of
Master Nexus Nusantara

Tan Lek Ann President of
Master Nexus Nusantara

Kelvin Ng Vice President
(Strategic planning/Marketing)

Chris Ngin Marketing Executive

Mandy Lim Account cum HR

Kate Foo Procurement Executive

Nurul Syafiqah Binti Mazlan Branch Executive

Nur Es Aminah Binti Adb Murat Ass. Account cum HR

Cherry Wang Procurement Executive

Kent Chia Warehouse

Management Indonesia

Nova Marcelina Wijaya Account / Admin

Afriningsih / Afina Marketing / Customer Service